Hello, my name is Alex “AJ” Norton. I am an iOS and Ruby developer, self improver, and runner. Feel free to connect with me. I am currently at IBM @
Austin, TX. Send me an email if you want to make friends or work together.


OBU Transit

While studying in Oxford England, the bus system was terrible. No one knew when and where they could take the buses. My solution was OBU transit. An app to view
the map and schedule for the universities bus route. The user can set reminders, look at future times, and plan their route around Oxford. Check it out on the
app store (iOS only)!
Link Here

Snakes Of Virginia

The Virginia Herpetological Society and I worked together to create an App that aided in the identification and location of venomous and non-venomous snakes in
Link Here

Want to grab a bite to eat? Need a tutor? Want to discuss the meaning of
waffles? Feel free to contact me at: alexnorton@vt.edu